The Fifth Day of the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year—Inviting Masters of Buddhist Disciplines Teaching and Checking Robes and Alms Bowl

Publish Date:2021-10-18

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On April 9, 2019, the 5th day of the third lunar month, the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year entered the fifth day. Newly-precepted monastics invited discipline masters to enlighten them and check robes and alms bowl.

At 8 am, 500 newly-precepted monastics gathered on the ordination platforms and met preceptor Acharya and listened to his teaching. 

Then representative of newly-precepted monastics invited Teaching-Acharya Master Li Xufa. Master Xufa mounted the platform teaching dharma and guided all precepted monastics to follow. He told ways of practice for a monk and explained how to cultivate vigorously from morning to night. 

At 2 pm, Yinli master led newly-precepted monastics to invite Acharya Master Yongfu and Teaching-Acharya Master Xufa to orditation platforms. Three Acharya masters got to platforms burning incense and taking their place. Preceptor Acharya conferred newly-precepted monastics Sramanera Precepts.

Then all newly-precepted monastics held robes and alms bowl in both hands and invited Acharya to check. After that, the newly-precepted monastics made obeisance and sent three masters back to hubs. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Wan Ning and Zhang Hailong)

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