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Publish Date:2010-09-18

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How to Get Here by Public Traffic

    From Long Distance Bus Stations in Zhengzhou:

    -Depart from Zhengzhou long distance bus stations, proceeding on the expressway to Dengfeng City, approximately 15 kilometers away from Shaolin Temple.

    -Get off at the long distance bus terminal: Dengfeng East Long Distance Bus Station

    -Bus No. 1 links the Dengfeng East Long Distance Bus Station to Shaolin Temple



Contact Info

Shaolin Temple Abbot’s Room TEL:0086-0371-62749305
Temple Affairs Office TEL:0086-0371-62749305
Shaolin Reception Hall TEL:0086-0371-62745166
"Chan Dew” Journal Editorial Office TEL:0086-0371-65582653
Yi Jin Jing & Xi Sui Jing Research Society Master Yanwang TEL:0086-0371-62749616
Shaolin IntangibleAssetsManagementCenter TEL:0086-0371-65582651
Shaolin Temple Liaison Office TEL:0086-0371-67300086
Shaolin Temple Website TEL:0086-0371-65582653 (for foreign affairs)
Shaolin Orphanage TEL:0086-0371-67300188
Shaolin Temple Culture Communication (Dengfeng).Co. Ltd TEL:0086-0371-67300188
Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau TEL:0086-0371-62749123
Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps TEL:0086-0371-67300030
ShaolinTempleWebLegal Consultant Lu Yongge EMAIL:
Jin Bo Da Lawyer



Address: Block AB 10/F, News Building, 85 Huayuan Road, Zhengzhou, China


Postal Code: 450003


Telephone: 0086-0371-65582651


Email: (for foreign affairs)

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