The Third Day of the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple—Teaching Guotang Rules on Pure and Solemn Platforms in Jihai Year

Publish Date:2021-10-18

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On April 7, 2019, the third day of the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple, masters taught newly-precepted monastics the usage of alms bowl and Guotang rules on pure and solemn platforms in Jihai Year.


At 8 am, newly-precepted monastics gathered on the platforms inviting the Great Monk Yongxin to burn incense and preside over the dharma assembly and spray holy water with branches and chanted Buddhist verses. Then all masters guided newly-precepted monastics to stand in line walking around the temple slowly and sprayed holy water with branches. 

On the afternoon, Kaitang master—discipline master Longzhong explained and displayed Guotang rules to the newly-precepted monastics.

Newly-precepted monastics actually listened to discipline Master Longzhong’s teaching. He explained each part of Guotang courses, which made newly-precepted monastics comprehensively and deeply know the ritual procedure. (Edited by Master Yanyang and Wan Ning)

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