The Second Day of the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple—Inviting Yinli and Bianban

Publish Date:2021-10-18

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On April 6, 2019, the second day of the Three Ordination Platforms in Shaolin Temple, Yinli (a master for manner-instructing) was invited for Bianban (class-arranging). Yili who guides newly-precepted monastics to set an example for them with the three karmas of body, mouth and mind, went up to hall together with newly-precepted monastics doing Buddhist sites to make them keep away from non-virtuous deeds.

In front of the Abbot Hall, guided by Guest Prefect, devotedly invited Kaitang masters totaling 33 (discipline masters) to platforms. Newly-precepted monastics burned incense for worship and then invited the Great Monk Yongxin to mount the platform teaching dharma.


Then newly-precepted monastics, guided by discipline masters, came to platforms, lining up along the court with great respect. Presided over by Kaitang master—discipline master Longzhong, all newly-precepted monastics submitted irrelevant items about the Three Ordination Platforms and entered the hall in line. The coming month Buddhist rites covering class-arranging, going up to hall, mounting platforms and so on, will go on solemnly and orderly.

In the evening, newly-precepted monastics gathered on the ordination platforms meanwhile Yili masters recited and chanted scriptures. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Wang Ning and photos by Ni Guang Fei Xiang photographic team)

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