The Moon-forgetting Poetry Party at Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year Hosted Successfully

Publish Date:2021-09-21

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September 21, 2021 or the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is Mid-Autumn Festival in the Xinchou Year. At 7 pm, a full moon illuminated the ancestral temple. Melodious Buddhist music, and happy laughters and cheerful words, echoed at the Great Awakening Hall while Shaolin disciples gathered together, talking about the blissful, harmonious and flourishing age. The moon-forgetting party on poetry connected all Shaolin cultural centers globally via video link and interacted with Shaolin disciples around the world by live broadcast, talking about union with each other.


The moon-forgetting poetry party had eight chapters including offering flowers in front of Buddha, serving tea, pointing at the moon, poems, song and dance, Shaolin Kungfu, hearing Shaolin and international exchanges. There were not only Shaolin monks’ ode for the prosperous country and people at peace, Gong’ an and splendid Buddhist music of Chan, but also interpretations of reciting poems, serving tea and other traditional cultures as well as performance of Shaolin Kungfu, song and dance and so on.


Shaolin disciples from America, Russia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico and other countries also sent their wishes and excellent performances, joyfully talking with abbot Shi Yongxin on the scene, which passes disciples’ gratitude to the opportunity to talk about union with Shaolin Temple at home when they live in the foreign countries, as well as responsibilities to propagate Shaolin culture abroad.

At the party on poetry, abbot Yongxin mercifully gave a dharma talk. He said, “Shaolin Temple’ s ‘moon-forgetting poetry party has been hosted for five consecutive times, which inherits traditional culture, demonstrates cultural confidence and eulogizes the new era’ s elegant demeanour in such a form.” He also mentioned, “The moon-forgetting poetry party this year successively collected more than 500 poems. This is our cultural inheritance and also a supreme method by which we Shaolin families carry forward traditional culture. It is a very significant thing.” (Edited by Yue Long and Kongming)

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