Publish Date:2021-11-18

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Bodhidharma (?-536), also named Dharma, was an eminent Brahman monk of ancient India. He mounted Guangzhou to preach Buddhism in China during the first year of Datong in Liang Dynasty (527). Afterwards he reached Shaolin Temple from Luoyang and peacefully practiced in a cave of Wuru Mount around 9 years. He originally established the theory of sitting quietly with self-cultivation, following doctrines of Mahayana Buddhism and integrated it into Chinese spirit, which is called “Biguan” or Chan Buddhism of Mahayana Buddhism. Afterwards Dharma left Shaolin Temple and died in the third year of the Taiping period in Eastern Wei Dynasty (536), buried in Xiong’ er Mount. Emperor Daizong of Tang awarded him the title master Yuanjue later on. Dharma was respected as the primary ancestor and the 28th patriarch of Chan Buddhism after its thriving.

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