Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center Hosts “Blue Sky, Vast Earth” of the Public Welfare Activities Successfully

Publish Date:2021-07-03

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Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center hosted “Blue Sky, Vast Earth” of the public welfare activities successfully on Mar. 23, 2021. The center successively provided free fresh vegetables and fruits for 200 families by the ACSA Food Bank Scarborough, being recognized and admired by the local government.

According to Yanchong, head of the cultural center, the COVID-19 outbreak in the world is still serious. Countless families in Canada lose their stable income and get into trouble in life. The local food band provides aid to 400 families a week. Fresh vegetables and fruits are scarcest and eagerest for the food bank. Teachers and students from the Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center make up their mind to buy lots of vegetables and fruits, passing love and warmth to 200 families. This is also to carry forward the spirit of compassion and happiness. (Edited by Kongming and pictures from the Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center)

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