Longhua Temple

Publish Date:2021-07-03

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Longhua Temple, located in Juzhuang village of in the northern suburbs of Xuchang city, is an affiliated temple of Shaolin Temple. It was founded in the Tang Dynasty. Longhua Temple progressed rapidly with the prosperity of Shaolin Temple in the Ming Dynasty. Buddhism of Henan province was not prosperous in the period of the Republic of China while there were not many pilgrims in Longhua Temple.

After the founding of People’ s Republic of China, most monks of Longhua Temple resumed secular life because of the political movement. The temple successively became the school building of Juzhuang Primary School, Xuchang Fourth High School, Xuchang Normal Training College and Xuchang Party School. Longhua Temple was seriously destroyed in the cultural revolution. Many Buddhas and sculptures were destroyed. Religion sector approved Longhua Temple open in 2001. Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple and provincial leaders of religion sector together with leaders of Xuchang city discussed about the restoration of Longhua Temple in August of 2002.

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