Shaolin Kungfu as a Form of Religion and Culture

Publish Date:2024-05-08

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Shaolin Kungfu is one of the most popular and farthest expressions in Buddhist culture spread. The traditional Buddhist culture in China has not only taken the important role of ethics in social development, but also in improving human spirit and quality. Shaolin Kungfu is a Buddhist cultural system developing in the special historical environment of Buddhism, taking Kimnara as the core and behaving in the form of Wushu (martial arts) Shaolin Kungfu monks practice, which fully embodies the traditional Buddhist cultural system of Chan wisdom.


Tremendous human courage and wisdom embodying in the Buddhist theory of impermanence and anatman based on embracing Kimnara, which has become the most valuable part of the spiritual civilization system of human society, being admired and understood by people from different cultures worldwide. Shaolin Kungfu has become a common topic of people from different cultures and a bridge of mutual understanding between different cultures, also making its due contribution to promoting the peace and friendship of mankind. This embodies religious feelings of Shaolin Kungfu as a form of religion and culture. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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