Spirit Cultivation of Buddhism

Publish Date:2024-05-08

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Spirit cultivation of Buddhism contains the conditioning of body and mind as well as interest cultivation and moral cultivation. Listening to Buddhist music is also one method of spirit cultivation. Buddhist music is fresh, elegant and extraordinary. Its sound and implication is distant and profound. The singer whose body and mind is a unity sings the music, forgetting self and anything else. Listeners whose body and mind become clear suddenly and is touched, seeming to enter the blissful wonderland. Buddhist music can calm brain activities and relieve the venation. It could also adjust to physical and mental state, playing a role in lowering blood pressure as well as tranquilizing and allaying excitement.


Buddhism stresses: “ Nothing is better than pure mind with few desires for spirit cultivation and the ultimate bliss is not so well as reading.” Reading belongs to contents of regimen and also a method of spirit cultivation. (From Shaolin Encyclopedia)

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