The “13th Austrian Shaolin Cultural Festival 2024” Held in Vienna

Publish Date:2024-06-13

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Inheriting traditional Chinese culture and carrying forward the spirit of Shaolin culture to advance cultural exchanges between the East and the West and benefit physical and mental health to the public. On the morning of June 8, the “13th Austrian Shaolin Cultural Festival 2024” ended successfully in Vienna. Present guests included Mr. Yu Feng, ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, counsellor Jin Hui of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, Ms Mag.a Silvia Jankovic, borough president of the fifth zone, Ms Zhang Hongbin and Mr. Su Binglie, separately secretary general and deputy secretary general of the Austria China Friendship Society, Doc. Chen Anshen, honorary president of the Chinese Austrian Federation and the economic counselor of the federal government, Mr. Xu Yongqing, chief executive officer of the Chinese Austrian Federation, Mr. Si Liangxin, president of the China Council for Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification in Austria, Mr. Chen Lei, the Europe-China Scientific and Technological Culture Exchange Association in Austria and the Austrian Dragon Boat Association, Ms. Wu Zhaosu, director of the Chinese Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra, founder and president Doc. Chen Shangwei and president Qian Faqiang of the Overseas Chinese Pensioners Association in Austria, Mr. Guo Zhibin, president of the Henan and Anhui Chamber of Commerce, as well as master Yanpei, master Yanye and master Yanxuan, representatives of the Shaolin Kungfu Monk corps from afar, master Yanhe, principal of the Slovakian Shaolin Cultural Center and so on.

Gerhard Weißgrab, president of the Buddhist Association of Austria, gave his speeches on The Four Holy Principles of Buddhism

Claudia Lopez, a member of the center and a tea art expert, shows Shaolin Chan tea art

Master Yancai gives his speech on Shaolin Chan Yi regimen

Master Yanliang guides people to practice Chan cultivation

Master Yanpei explains Chinese calligraphy

Master Yanpei gives his speech on Shaolin culture

Mr. Yu Feng of the Chinese Embassy in Austria gives his speech

Giving Shaolin porcelain as a present

Feeling vegetarian food

Ms Maga Silvia Jankovic, borough president of the fifth zone, gives her speech

Abbot Shi Yongxin sends his congratulatory letter

Fan art performance

Shaolin Kungfu performance

Shaolin cudgel performance

Dance show

Dragon dance and lion dance

Taking a group photo with delight

To bring healthy Shaolin cultural concept and Shaolin Chan Wu spirit to more people, the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, since its foundation, always responds to the call of the Grand Monk Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, adheres to the purpose of the “Shaolin Culture, Shared by Humanity”, and holds the Shaolin Cultural Festival activities with rich contents each year. The Shaolin cultural festival activities were undertaken from June 3 to 8 over a week. Through such activities, let more people understand and feel the university of Chan and Wu, Shaolin Kungfu in dynamic and static ways, and profound Shaolin culture, also advance fitness, boost immunity, have a peaceful mind, live the moment and open up a new realm. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center)

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