A Group Led By the Europe Asia Center’ s Chair Erik Solheim Visits Shaolin Temple

Publish Date:2024-06-11

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On the morning of June 10, 2024, Erik Solheim, chair of the Europe-Asia Center and former deputy secretary general of the United Nations, secretary general Yan Rui of the Europe-Asia Center, Kerambak Makan, deputy director of the center for international people-to-people exchange of the Europe-Asia Center, Xiao Tongtong, project leader of the Europe-Asia Center, and others visited Shaolin Temple, deeply experiencing Shaolin Chan Wu Yi culture and Shaolin lifestyle and interacting with Shaolin monks joyfully.


Abbot Shi Yongxin welcomed the arrival of Mr. Erik Solheim’ s delegation, took traditional Chinese festival--Dragon Boat Festival as an example to introduce traditional Chinese customs and promoting Shaolin culture, hoping the group led by Mr. Erik Erik Solheim could fully feel healthy, harmonious Shaolin culture.


At the Abbot Hall, the group watched Chinese intangible cultural heritage--Shaolin Kungfu performance, and took photos with Shaolin Kungfu monks.

After lunch, the group experienced the unchanged millennium cultivation at the ancestral monastery of Chan sect, running and sitting incense with new monastics.

At the Shaolin Medicine Bureau, the group led by Mr. Erik Solheim also visited Shaolin Chan Yi, feeling the unique 800-year Shaolin bone-setting manipulation of Buddhist medicine, and also experiencing traditional Chinese acupuncture and pulse-feeling.

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