“Savate Champion’ s Journey to China”--Walking into Shaolin Temple

Publish Date:2024-04-01

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“Savate Champion’ s Journey to China” activities hosted by the French Embassy in China walked into Shaolin Temple on Mar. 28, 2024. During the time, two friench players who had won the savate championship many times exchanged skills and culture with Shaolin Kungfu monks. The Grand Monk Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, Mr. Pei Guoliang, minister counselor of the cultural, educational, scientific and technological affairs of the French Embassy in China, Lu Zhewei, education commissioner of the cultural and educational cooperation secretariat of the French Embassy in China, and others attended the event.


Guests of the “Savate Champion’ s Journey to China” visited Shaolin Temple, knew about Shaolin Temple’ s history, culture and the overseas spread accompanied by Shaolin Temple’ s master. Then in the Martial Arts Hall, Shaolin Kungfu monks demonstrated China’ s intangible cultural heritage--Shaolin Kungfu including long kick, close fighting and close-fitting wrestling, with smooth and clean movements, full of traditional Chinese force and unique beauty. 

Four students from the French International School of Beijing, and 4 from the french language department of the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, worked in pairs asking advice from Kungfu monks and players on fighting skills. Shaolin Kungfu monks carefully explained action essentials of leg techniques meanwhile the two savate champions patiently taught students about positions and technical features of savate, guiding everyone to practice classic fights like whipping-style foot strike, hook and so on. The atmosphere of the scene was harmony and fighting skills between the East and the West collided unique sparks.

On the occasion of the scene, Mr. Pei Guoliang expressed, “This year is the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties and the China-France Year of Culture and Tourism when the two countries will hold colorful art activities and France will also hold the 2024 Paris Olympics. Shaolin Kungfu and savate respectively are the two countries’ cultural treasures. The Shaolin station of the ‘Savate Champion’ s Journey to China’ stands for consistently mutual openness and respect between Sino-France cultural exchanges. I believe that the encounter of Shaolin Kungfu and savate could further promote our friendship.”

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