Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy Celebrates the Songshan Shaolin Temple Day

Publish Date:2024-03-26

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On Mar. 17, 2024 local time, to celebrate California Shaolin Temple Day, the Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy, together with local believers, students and their parents, hosted celebrations of various contents for the legal holiday Shaolin Temple Day on Mar. 21. The Los Angeles House and Senate established March 21 each year as a Shaolin Temple Day in 2004 and 2009 successively. 


In activity celebrations, head Shi Chanyue of the Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy conveyed abbot Shi Yongxin’ s regards and wishes to people and congratulations on activities. Then Shi Yanyue explained the aim of cultural centers Shaolin Temple established abroad. It is hoped that holding Shaolin Temple Day celebrations could promote parents and the community to play an active part, making people know more about Chan Wu Yi Yi cultures of Shaolin Temple and providing more platforms and opportunities of interaction and communication to improve Shaolin cultural center team’ s cognition degree, senses of participation and belonging, and develop a more harmonious and happy family.

On the scene of activities, students and teachers of the Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy jointly showed Shaolin boxing, weapons and so on, guided guests to experience Shaolin regimen, also attended many games with Shaolin elements and the like, feeling Shaolin culture with various ways. The youngest is only 4 years old while the oldest is 70 years old among them.


During the celebrations, people with different ethnics, faith and cultural backgrounds actively participated in learning and feeling of Shaolin culture. The atmosphere of the scene was harmonious, full of dharma joys. It was also expected that the Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy held more similar activities to make Shaolin culture benefit more locals. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Academy)

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