Shaolin Culture Centre of Luzern in Switzerland Widely Carries Forward Shaolin Culture

Publish Date:2024-03-25

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In the middle of December in 2023, the Shaolin Culture Centre of Luzern that was seriously effected by bloods had to be closed meanwhile all cultural exchange activities were terminated. Through a two-month renovation, the centre was open  to the public again on March 23, 2024. Many worthy friends from local places came to visit and exchange, practice Kungfu, recite sutra and cultivate Chan, feeling extensive and profound Shaolin culture.

Yanlong, a Shaolin disciple and head of the Shaolin Culture Centre of Luzern actively carries forward Shaolin culture and service local society with care and concern of the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, which wins wide acclaim from locals.

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