Qufu Shaolin Kungfu School Guides Overseas Students from 13 Countries to Make a Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple

Publish Date:2024-03-12

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On Mar. 10, 2024, 20 global students from Qufu Shaolin Kungfu School, accompanied by their master, made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple and experienced Shaolin life joyfully.


Visiting the Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple

The overseas students are from 13 countries including America, Britain, Spain, Hindu, Australia, Egypt and so on. They dreamed to visit Shaolin Temple and longed for Shaolin culture, then got to China and began studying Chinese and practicing Shaolin Kungfu at Qufu Shaolin Kungfu School.

Having a vegetarian diet at the Dinning Hall

Accompanied by their coach, students experienced traditional cultivation ways such as reciting at Shaolin Temple’ s hall and having the vegetarian diet at the Dinning Hall there, communicated Shaolin Kungfu with Shaolin Kungfu monks, and also deeply experienced healthy Shaolin lifestyle.

Taking a group photo in front of the Gateway of Shaolin Temple

The students were very exciting to experience their pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple. They all expressed the journey to Shaolin Temple, the ancestral monastery of Chan sect and the holy land of Kungfu, successfully made their dream of intimately tasting Shaolin culture come true, and also hoped to have other opportunities to continue having a further study in Shaolin Temple.


Posing a photo with delight

During the time, students also met the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple. Abbot Yongxin encouraged them to practice their skills diligently and improve the level and inherit Shaolin culture responsibly to make excellent Shaolin culture benefit more sentient beings.

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