UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre Invited to the Maha Vihara in Birmingham Attending the Consecration Ceremony

Publish Date:2023-09-19

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From September 16 to 17, 2023, master Jingtong and master Guangde from the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre, head Yanxiu as well as Hengwei, Hengxin, Hengyue and so on totaling 15 people were invited by Ven. Dr. Witharandeniye Kassapa, abbot of the Maha Vihara in Birmingham, attending the consecration ceremony of the largest pagoda in Europe. A total of 35 honored guests including Mr.Chaman Lal,Mrs.Saroja Sirisena,Dr.Kirinde Assaji and so on were present at the ceremony. Contents of the event covered blessing, the consecration ceremony, the rebirth ceremony and so on.

To celebrate the special event, students of the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre showed traditional lion dance and wonderful Shaolin Kungfu including traditional short boxing, traditional Shaolin weapons and so on. Amazing Shaolin hard qigong, Shaolin Chan gong and others won cheers and applause from audience on the occasion.

Via interview and live broadcast of the Bright TV and wonderful Shaolin Kungfu performance, locals could contact Shaolin culture, and simply and clearly knew about Shaolin culture and Shaolin Kungfu.

There were around 500 people attending the event meanwhile or so one thousand people watched the ceremony online. Local government officials, charity institutes, dharma Buddhists and so on attended the event, which was also supported by 50 monks from London, Europe and America. (Report and pictures from the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre)

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