The Intense-burning and Purification Ceremony of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Guimao Year Completed Successfully

Publish Date:2023-05-10

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To universally help the diseased and sentient beings of the Ten Dharma Realms, a 7-day Water and Land Dharma Function was launched in Shaolin Temple From May 8 to 15. Pray for the prosperity of the country, good weather for the crops, world peace, security and health of people, and a permanent departure from suffering; pray for benefactors getting rid of disasters, extending the life, family happiness and safety and good luck; release souls of ancestors of all ages, clan relatives, karmic creditors, infant spirits and others to the state of paradise.

After the incense-burning and purification ceremony, the platform space is peaceful and solemn. Then all Buddhist rituals will successively begin next day.

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