The Three Ordination Platforms Conferred in Shalin Temple Successfully in Guimao Year

Publish Date:2023-05-08

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The Three Ordination Platforms ceremony sponsored by the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and undertaken by China Songshan Shaolin Temple, was successfully conferred in Shaolin Temple in Guimao Year on May 5 or 16th day of the third lunar month in 2023. Preceptors delightedly got Buddhist Certificates, Protection Buddhist Certificates and Buddhist Alumni Book, obtained pure body, pursued precepts successfully, attended the farewell ceremony and went out from the Meditation Hall.

The Great Monk Venerable Yongxin of Shaolin Temple issues Buddhist certificates

Preceptors come back to the world after practice in deep mountains and thank their master

All ritual masters and monitor masters pose a group photo with the Great Monk Shi Yongxin


President of the Buddhist Association of China master Yanjue s inscription 

 Former president of the Buddhist Association of China elder Chuanyin s inscription for the precept transmission ceremony

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