Shaolin Temple Greece holds the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

Publish Date:2022-05-08

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On Saturday, May 7th  at 10am, as every year, Shaolin Temple Greece celebrated  the Birthday of Buddha Sakyamuni, with the Venerable Master  Shi Yan Xiang leading the celebration.


 After welcoming the all the participants, Master Shi Yan Xiang spoke about why Buddha's Birthday is celebrated around the world as the biggest holiday for Buddhists.

 Immediately after, the ceremony and Recitation of Sutra began with the participation of the attendees and the Master Shi Yan Xiang leading the ceremony.


 The Light Offering Ceremony was also held where Master Shi Yan Xiang gave the light to each participant and they made a wish and left it in front of the Buddha.


Followed a short Chan meditation session and then a small but dynamic presentation of Shaolin Kung Fu by students of the Temple. At the end  there was free Chinese vegetarian cuisine for everyone.

Venerable Master Shi Yan Xiang wishes Peace, Love, Happiness and Compassion to all over the whole world.  


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