What is the meaning of “Conglin Qinggui”?2022-03-07

The original meaning of “Conglin” is grove or forest. A thickly populated monastery is just like a forest with plenty of trees, so it is called “conglin”, meaning great monastery (Mahavihara).

Could you please say something about the clothing of monks?2022-03-07

According to the Buddhist rules, monks should possess three robes: a large, a medium and a small. The small one, made of five stripes of cloth, known as Five-strip Robe in China, is for doing manual and cleaning work. The medium one, made of seven pieces of cloth, commonly called Seven-strip Robe in China, is the normal form of dress.

What is “Impermanence”?2022-03-07

All phenomena in the universe exist in mutually depending interrelationships, so that when this arises, that arises; when this ceases, that ceases. There is no permanent existence at all. Therefore, all phenomena are impermanent in nature, arising and ceasing from instant to instant.

What Is Meant by “There Is No Ego”, or “Egolessness”?2022-03-07

“Free from sentient beings”, “dependent upon other conditions” and “without an actor”, all elaborate the theory of Egolessness. “Sentient being” is “Satta” in Pali, which includes human beings and all other sentient creatures.

What Is Meant by “Cause and Effect-Continuously Connected without Interruption”?2022-03-07

All Dhammas are produced by Hetu-paccaya. Though impermanent, constantly arising and ceasing, they are continuously connected without interruption, just like flowing water.

Please give a brief account of the “Twelve Links of Dependent Origination”.2022-03-07

The Buddhist theory of Dependent Origination is centered around the problem of human life. there are, it is generally believed, ten or twelve Links of Dependent Origination.

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