The Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple, with a history of more than 1500 years, is located on either side of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion. It was destroyed in flames of war in 1928. The Records of Shaolin Temple said: “The east Meditation Hall on the North of the Dinning Hall” “The west Meditation Hall is on the north of storeroom”. The east and west Meditation Halls are behind the Mahaviro Hall. The east and west Meditation Halls were rebuilt on their sites in 1981. The former east Meditation Hall was renamed Shaolin Incense Hall and the west Meditation Hall renamed the Guest Hall.

Regulations of the Meditation Hall

《Precepts for Shaolin Disciples》

Precepts are the principles of Bodhi; they are also the roots of martial arts virtue. By staying true to these precepts, our Shaolin Temple has been

able to endure for over a thousand years. In keeping with our patriarchs’ intention, I would like to express my humble ideas in order to pass on their teachings to our disciples.

1.Loyalty and respect to teachers: All Shaolin disciples must follow our commitment to respecting teachers. Understanding the Way is foremost. Follow our virtuous ancestors’ behavior, and uphold our kind mind.
2. Gratitude to parents and teachers: All Shaolin disciples must undertake the responsibility of repaying gratitude to parents and teachers. Any harmful behavior to others will lead to bad karma and others will not want to associate with them.
3. Avoiding evil behavior:  All Shaolin disciples must practice purifying their mind and kindness, following the rules of no killing, no adultery, and no lying. 
4.Humility and dedication: All Shaolin disciples must be humble and diligent in their practice, dedicating themselves to developing expertise while acquiring broad knowledge and maintaining focus. A dedicated mind achieves inner power. 
5.Eliminating ego: All Shaolin disciples must practice what they learn in their daily lives. Propagation of Chan and Martial Arts is achieved when disciples practice both simultaneously. 
6.Diligence: All Shaolin disciples must practice diligently and courageously.  Kung Fu can only be achieved through continuous hard work.
7.Avoiding cheating and fighting: Shaolin disciples must never use their skills to bully others. 
8.No factions: All Shaolin disciples are united as one entity. There should not be any private groupings.
9. Respecting the reputation of others: All Shaolin disciples must respect each other following the principles of the Way. Praising oneself and disparaging others is a shameful behavior.  
10.Obedience: All Shaolin disciples must obey orders in carrying out missions for the benefit of all.