A White Goose Listens to the Sutra

Huiyuan, a long hair monk of Shaolin Temple during the Daxiang two years (580) of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, was one disciple of Dumentong Fashang, top management of the sangha at that time. Huiyuan chanted The Lotus Sutra and The Vimalakirti Sutra one thousand times respectively, sit in meditation for breath-counting and also had learned Chan Buddhism from master Sengchou. Huiyuan lectured on theories of scriptures and widely preached dharma in Shaolin Temple. Most of time the number of audience could reach one thousand.


Shaolin Kitchen

Shaolin kitchen (the monastic kitchen), or the present Dining Hall of Shaolin Temple, is located on the east of the Mahaviro Hall. The former hall was destroyed in fire in 1928 and rebuilt on the site in 1995. It is the dinning hall of Shaolin monks now.


Zhilong Developing Buddhist Medicine

During Xingding period of the Jin Dynasty, master Zhilong presided over Shaolin Temple. He always took some remaining money of temple’ s payments to reliever the poor every year.


The Shadow Stone Facing the Wall in Meditation

There is a fantastic stone at the Manjuist Hall which is the Bodhidharma Shadow Stone that has always been admired by generals and ministers, celebrities, scholars, monks and other people in all ages.


Bodhidharma Crossing the River by a Reed

Bodhidharma, the founder of Chan Buddhism in China, was the disciple of Prajnadhara, the 27th patriarch of Chan Buddhism in ancient India.


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