The Shadow Stone Facing the Wall in Meditation

Publish Date:2021-11-24

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There is a fantastic stone at the Manjuist Hall which is the Bodhidharma Shadow Stone that has always been admired by generals and ministers, celebrities, scholars, monks and other people in all ages.

In those days, Bodhidharma got to Shaolin Temple and sat in meditation facing the wall of Chiyou Cave in Wuru Mount. He taught people methods of sitting in meditation and enlightenment. Because of the narrow and small mouth of the cave, and being sheltered by screen walls of caves outside, light in the cave only came from its mouth. In addition, the position of Bodhidharma sitting in meditation was limited by the wall of the cave, and could not move side to side. Therefore, a show like a faint wash painting appeared on the stone after consecutive nine years. This shadow is just the Bodhidharma shadow stone which is worshiped by later generations. Shaolin monks regard it as a standard of Bodhidharma attaining enlightenment, called Lingshi (fairy stone).

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