Shaolin Temple’ s New Year Sacrifice to Heaven Completed Successfully on the 9th Day of the First Lunar Month

Early on the morning of January 30 in 2023 or the 9th day of the first lunar month Shaolin Temple held the New Year Sacrifice to Heaven assembly to bless good weather for the crops and prosperity and safety of the country and people in the new year.


Shaolin Monks Head to the Founder Nunnery for Worship on the 2nd Day of the First Lunar Month

After morning reciting, Shaolin monks followed the thousand-year family tradition of Shaolin Temple to leave the permanent residence compound for the Founder Nunnery to worship ancestors on the 2nd day of the first lunar month or January 23, 2023.


Shaolin Temple Hosts a Series of Celebrations to Welcome the New Year

Auspicious tiger says goodbye to the old year meanwhile jade rabbit says hello to the new year. January 21 in 2023 is traditional Chinese New Year’ s eve. Under the leadership of abbot Shi Yongxin, Shaolin monks followed the tradition with a history of more than 1, 000 years to paste couplets, worshiped ancestors, stay up until late, strike the bell and pray for blessings. Welcome and celebrate the new year festively and happily.


Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center Hosts the Spring Festival Blessing Activities for the Year of Rabbit

More than 100 people including students and disciples from the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center and people from all walks of life, got together to host the grand new year blessing assembly to celebrate the Year of Rabbit in Vienna at 5 o’ clock on the afternoon of the 30th day of the 12th lunar month.


UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre Hosts Chinese New Year Celebrations

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre hosted Chinese New Year celebrations from 10 am on January 22, 2023 local time. There were more than 400 people attending the event to celebrate New Year’ s coming together.


Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA Hosts the Lamp-Offering Prayer for New Year Blessings

Chinese New Year’ s eve was on January 21, 2023 local time. To celebrate it, the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA hosted the Lamp-offering prayer for new year blessings of security of countries and peoples and world peace.


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