Shaolin Temple Celebrates the 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People’ s Republic of China

To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Founding of the People’ s Republic of China, China Songshan Shaolin Temple organized all Shaolin monks to rise the national flag, praying for the prosperity of our country. Shaolin monks stood solemnly in the square of the Gateway at 6:20 am and then the national flag guard escorted the flag entering the square. Shaolin Sangha sang the national anthem in unison and watched the Five-Starred Red Flag rise up slowly in the morning light of Shaolin Temple within the majestic national anthem.


Shanghai Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center Hosted the (junior) Examination of Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin System

Shanghai Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center hosted the (junior) examination of Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin System and Shaolin Kungfu Culture Open Day on September 25, 2021. people present at the ceremony included Shi Yanxuan (six dan Shaolin Kungfu), Shi Yan’ an (six dan Shaolin Kungfu) and Shi Yankai (six dan Shaolin Kungfu) and so on.


Hungarian Shaolin Cultural Centre Organizes Believers to Work Outdoor Together

Under the leadership of Shi Yanguan, head of the Hungarian Shaolin Cultural Center, lay Buddhists and local believers totaling of 16 people worked outdoor together on September 29, 2021 local time.


The Celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the Founding of the Shaolin Temple of Canada

Shaolin Temple of Canada grandly hosted the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of its founding at 11 am on September 19, 2021 local time. During the COVID- 19 epidemic, the sponsor conducted the event in the method of the appointment, around more than 60 guests and believers attending the celebration. The cultural center donated 2, 000 Canadian dollars received during the event to the old people’ s home.


The Moon-forgetting Poetry Party at Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year Hosted Successfully

September 21, 2021 or the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is Mid-Autumn Festival in the Xinchou Year. At 7 pm, a full moon illuminated the ancestral temple. Melodious Buddhist music, and happy laughters and cheerful words, echoed at the Great Awakening Hall while Shaolin disciples gathered together, talking about the blissful, harmonious and flourishing age. The moon-forgetting party on poetry connected all Shaolin cultural centers globally via video link and interacted with Shaolin disciples around the world by live broadcast, talking about union with each other.


The Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center Invited to Participate in the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Austria Diplomatic Relations

A reception, to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Austria, the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the Austria China Friendship Society, and the 50 anniversary of the publication of the Diplomat magazine, was grandly held in the Park Hyatt Vienna. The Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center was invited to attend the event meanwhile bringing a wonderful Kungfu performance for audience on the scene under the guidance of master Shi Yanliang.


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