The 5th Day of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year

The Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year entered the 5th day on May 24, 2021. Buddhist activities included asking for pardon, offerings to Buddha, inviting all spirits or beings from the lower world, and conferring precepts of the nether world were hosted at the inner shrine mean meanwhile offerings to the Heaven, offerings to holy ones, chanting sutra and repentance, extension and dedication were hosted at the outer shrine.

The ceremony of asking for pardon was hosted at the inner shrine at 3 am while gurus and benefactors at the shrine burned incense and paid respect for Buddha, devoutly invited messengers with decrees for pardon to the Heaven and to the nether world to give a full account to Brahma and Magmatron as well as King of hell and gnome, to release all spirits from suffering to the Water and Land Dharma Function to receive offerings, listen to Buddha dharma, show bodhi heart, leave the Three Evil Paths forever and be reborn in the Pure Land.

Master Yongqian guided other masters, benefactors and believers to burn incense, chant sutra, worship and devoutly provide offerings for the Triple Gems of the ten directions with various flowers, incense, kindles and fine food, praying for prosperity of the country, Buddha dharma flourishing, good weather for the crops, security and happiness of the people as well as permanence of Buddhist dharma.

Offerings to Buddha was provided at the inner shrine at 10 am. Dharma masters presiding over the assembly guided people to burn incense and pay respect and repentance in front of the shrine. Dharma master rang the singing bowl and chanted praise while benefactors and lay Buddhists of the assembly devoutly worshiped in front of the inner shrine and showed their vows.

Some believers sincerely invited master Yongqian, chief monk of Shaolin Temple, gave a dharma teaching at 10: 30 am. Master Yongqian accepted the invitation to step up the platform to preach dharma and hoped that all lay Buddhists and others as well as their families world grow wisdom and extend life.

Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, holy ones and others were asked to step down from the platform at the end of dharma teachings at the inner shrine at 1 pm. Masters presiding over the assembly and factors walked in front of the holy bridge in turn, scattered flower petals and burned paper cranes to invite all beings or spirits here to enjoy fine dharma food jointly.

Precepts of the nether world were conferred at the inner shrine at 6 pm. Gurus guided factors to invite all ghosts and holy ones to accept the precepts of the nether world while also conferring precepts of the six realms of existence to eliminate evil karmas of all ages and attaining pure essence of the precepts. (Reported by Ma Ang, photographed by Yue Long, Gong Wuwei and Liu Shengkai and edited by Zou Xiang)