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  • Shaolin Monks Celebrate Group Birthdays for Students from Shaolin Charity House2021-09-09

    On Feb 17, 2018, the second day of the first lunar month, Shaolin monks came to Shaolin Charity House, lighted candles, sang birthday song and shared the cake together with students to celebrat the group birthdays for them.

  • Abbot Yongxin Attends the Farewell Party of Shaolin Charity House’s Students Admitted to Universities2021-09-09

    On August 22, 2018, to celebrate the farewell party that three children of the Shaolin Charity House have been admitted to their ideal universities, Abbot Yongxin went to the charity house attending their farewell party early in the morning. Deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dengfeng Wang Haizhen, section chief of the affairs division Zhao Hongchuang, director of Linying County General Charity Association Guo Hanying, director of the civil affairs of the Shaolin office Li Jie, deputy president of the Henan Charity General Federation Sheng Guomin, deputy secretary-general Yao Linan, director Li Yuanchun and others attended the farewell party. The farewell party was presided over by Bai Jinying, president of the Shaolin Charity House.

  • Shaolin Temple Hosts the Global Shaolin Charity Commendation Internet Conference2021-09-09

    The traditional minor New Year in China is the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month annually, namely Feb. 4 this year. China Songshan Shaolin Temple hosted the global Shaolin charity commendation internet conference this day to award organizations or individuals with special contributions in epidemic prevention and control since the COVID-19 broke out in 2020. Totaling more than 20 Shaolin cultural centers and disciples globally are awarded by Henan Charity and China Songshan Shaolin Temple.

  • Shaolin Disciples from around the World Banding Together to Fight the COVID-19 Being Honored on the China Charity Day2021-09-09

    On Sept. 4, 2020, in celebration activities of “converging great love and overcoming epidemic--China Charity Day” jointly sponsored by the China Charity Federation, People’s government commission of Henan Province and other 7 departments, Shaolin Temple was invited to send represents participating and receive the certificates of honor, to honor Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin cultural centers’ donations compassionately and bravely during outbreaks.

  • Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center Hosts “Blue Sky, Vast Earth” of the Public Welfare Activities Successfully2021-09-09

    Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center hosted “Blue Sky, Vast Earth” of the public welfare activities successfully on Mar. 23, 2021. The center successively provided free fresh vegetables and fruits for 200 families by the ACSA Food Bank Scarborough, being recognized and admired by the local government.



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