Publish Date:2023-12-28

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Living in the world,we should have strong convictions, firmly believing that life can be upgrading and the world can be improved. This point is very crucial and also fundamental. We Buddhists usually says to purify the world and life is just this meaning. Reflected in Buddhists mental formation are the motivation, vow and practice. If a person lost his faith living in the world, it would be a very bad thing, no faith, on respect and no reverence. People will fall into the Three Evil Paths in Buddhism terms if so. Thus we can say faith is fundamental. If a person has faith, he or she will have respect and reverence and also have binding in daily life. Religious faith in human edification is reflected here. All religious beliefs come down to the real point of self-discipline. Buddhists vows and ordinations are are attributed to this point too. (From Words of Chan)

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