The Secular Life and Enlightenment

Publish Date:2023-12-26

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We know that there will be no attachment after life and death of the secular world. But we cant give ourselves up as hopeless, thinking that anyhow life is so and do what we want to do, which is not practicable. In our words, it is emptiness-grasping. The Buddhist doctrine says, a human body is difficult to attain. Though the secular life does not mean anything to us, decades of peoples whole life are very precious. We can live another meaningful life of being different from the secular life through practicing Buddhism and cultivating ourselves. That is the enlightenment. Some may say: Is Buddha also human? Yes. Buddha is human as well and is one who has enlightened. So the Buddhist doctrine says sentient beings are Buddhas who havent awakened while Buddha is a sentient being who has enlightened. We should never think that one will be able to sit on the lotus throne at the Mahaviro Hall worshiped by thousands of people after enlightenment. It is not so. Sakya still came in the wind and went in the rain, traveling and delivering people with an alms bowl after enlightenment in those days. The person is still the same one but his mental state has changed, becoming clear and peaceful and having no worries at all, full of vigor as well after enlightenment. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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