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Publish Date:2022-05-06

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As a matter of fact, gong-fu training and Zen meditation are based on self-recognition, without relying on any external conditions. And this is what distinguishes gong-fu and meditation from science and philosophy. Moreover, the Buddhist transcendence in various areas is developed within, including from human to Buddha, from samsara to nirvana, form coast to coast, and from the present life to the supramundane life. So that all the Buddhist Scriptures can be abbreviated as “the Dharma Gates of Cultivating Heart”. However, the difference between Buddhism and modern science and philosophy  also lies in exploring and verifying the inner world, and which enable the individual to look for the truth in self-enlightenment, as the Buddha told us:“You have to find out the truth yourself.”Just as they say, “he who drank it knows whether the water was cold or warm”. (From a speech by Shi Yongxin)

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