The Fundamental Goals of Buddhism—Purifying Human Mind, Liberating Humanity By Gaining Wisdom

Publish Date:2022-05-06

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To ensure that all the sentient beings can receive the real benefit of Dharma, that is the fundamental mission and ultimate goal of its existence, and by removing the obstinate befuddlement and defilements in inner space and overpowering the evil habits and attachments, so that Buddha-nature that enshrouded and hidden from one’s perception can be enlightened and one can be manumitted from the annoyances and vexations of the mundane life. For this reason, the Buddha is regarded as the greatest Healer. Moreover, Siddhartha preached Buddhist doctrines for over forty years aiming at telling us the way to liberation and leading us to the right path, which helps us with purifying our life and mind by actual practices and eventually to the way of nirvana and attain enlightenment. (From A Speech by Shi Yongxin)

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