Characteristics of Shaolin Chan Medicine

Publish Date:2021-07-31

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Shaolin Chan medicine originated and formed from Shaolin Temple. This medical sect was formed of the practice and integration on the basis of Chinese medical culture and Indian medical culture over one thousand years. Based on inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medical theories, it takes meditation as the fundamental dharma-gate, makes breath, visualisation, vital energy and blood, meridians, pulse condition and others be the basic theory, uses the means of vaporization, guidance, massaging acupuncture points and other basic methods for diagnosis, treatment and nursing. Health preservation methods of Shaolin Chan medicine show up: methods as guidance, medicine as usage, Chan cultivation as essence and enhancing life as home, whose function is to activate potential, strengthen viscera and improve physical health. Diversified Qigong therapies for fitness, rich experiences and esoteric prescriptions treasured by prominent monks of all generations, combined extraordinary Kungfu skills to preserve health and lengthen life or to benefit mankind and save lives, which attains infinite merits. 

(From Shaolin Encyclopedia)        

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