The Changes of Yin and Yang2021-07-24

The changes of Yin and Yang are the basic ideas of that not only Taoism but also Confucianism and even Buddhism talk about. Certainly as the convenient dharma-gate, Shaolin Kungfu has its own unique feature covering rich and profound Buddhist thought.

Vegetarian Food2021-07-24

Vegetarian food is a fine tradition of Chinese Buddhism. Vegetarian food is extremely consistent with modern science. Human gut is very similar to plant eat-eating animals’, long and winding, and intestinal wall full of folds;

Dieting 2021-07-24

In The Twenty Conglin Essentials Chan master Baizhang Dazhi noted that: “The disease takes dieting as the herb decoction.” Buddhist practice advocates “not eat after noontime and even one-meal-a-day”.

Buddhism is the Highest Realm of Health Preservation2021-07-24

Buddhism has a long history and complete theory and practice method. Buddhism has left a magnificent chapter in the history of human civilization for more than two thousand years.

Taste Chan in Tea2021-07-24

Tea is the ordinary matter like dressing and eating each one needs and use. As Buddha dharma that all monastics have Buddhist nature, no high and low, saints and mortals equal and each one can enlighten it.

Tea Ceremony2021-07-24

Buddha said all sentient beings have Buddha nature while tea and human also have psychic aspects. As the saying that a man is not a stalk of grass or a tree, I say people know about plants.

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