The 9th Chinese Buddhist Medicine Summit Forum · Tea and Human Health Theme Forum Held As Planed

Publish Date:2021-07-24

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The 9th Chinese Buddhist Medicine summit forum--tea and human healththeme forum wad held in the Chan Wu Hotel in Dengfeng city. Specialists and scholars from around the world gathered down the Shaoshi Mount to explore tea and human health.


At the beginning of the ceremony, the host took the subject of the seven necessities of peoples daily life--firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea as an introduction, explaining tea being closely linked with peoples life. It was hoped that guests could actively explore and communicate with each other, and the forum would collect research achievements of all specialists and scholars, contributing to the development of tea culture and human health.


Mr. Zhao Biao, one of inheritors of Tea ceremony and the restoration of tea sets, was the first to mount the platform, exploring Tea Saint, Lu Yu. Mr. Zhao said that Tea Saint Lu Yu is the author of the Book of Tea that is the first monograph on tea in the world and the first monograph on tea ceremony in China. Tea Saint Lu Yu created tea ceremony, setting traditional Chinese culture, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism rolled into one, and integrating tea-making, tea science, tea condition, tea morality and other tea cultures essence, which has promote the development of tea culture in the world. It was hoped to be able to lead tea culture into the world through exploring the origin of Lu Yus tea ceremony culture as well the inheritance and restoration of traditional Chinese tea culture.

Beijian Zongyi, a Japanese professor of Japanese tea culture, explained Japanese tea ceremony culture to attendees. He introduced that Japanese tea culture and Chinese tea culture derive from the same root, having rich connotation for foreign countrys tea culture through explaining Japanese greasy tea, Japanese spirit of tea ceremony and basic knowledge of Japanese ceremony.

That afternoon, Dai Weiwei, professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huang Hui, the former head of the Technology and Development for TCM of China, Cao Shude, officer of the Secretariat of Chinese Tea Ceremony Society, Dr. Lin Lüguang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dong Guanlin, learning Chinese classics since childhood, Jiang Wenzhong, professor of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences and other attendees successively mounted the platform sparing their own research results in the tea cultural studies. Experts attending the meeting expressed benefiting a lot from it. They would draw essence from different schools, continue potential research topics and make great contribution to human health. (Edited by Yue Long and photographed by Chen Fei)

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