“The 8th China Summit Forum of Buddhist Medicine” Comes to a Successful Conclusion

Publish Date:2021-07-24

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From May 26 to 27, 2018, experts and scholars from all over the world gathered at the root of Shaoshi Mountain and explored incense cultivation and human health culture together.

On the forum of Buddhist medicine, Ms Wu Rongrong spared the “Dharma Gate of Pharmacist and the Human Health.


On the forum of Buddhist medicine, Ms Dai Weiweis A Brief Talk on the Research Progress of Aromatherapy of Medical Biology”, used a lot of clinical data to spare the outstanding contribution to aromatherapy in relieving pain and anxiety, intervention depression and the treatment of Alzheimer and explained the biological mechanism.


Mr. Xu Hengyong was full of expectation for Walking into a New Era of Non-medical Health. Xu Hengyong found that in recent decades chronic diseases are getting worse. But the medicals impact on length is only 8 percent. Huangdi Neijing described that during ancient times, everyone could live for a hundred years. He spent eight years to visit no-cancer village and other longevity villages and tried to read the code of health longevity. He used Buddha medical theory to describe all illnesses arise through causes or conditions and the illnesses disappear after the end of causes or conditions. Mr. Xu Hengyong published his research and hoped that there will be no diseases, no pain and no suffering.


Through two-day forum, experts and scholars from all over the world submitted thesis, shared results and explored incense cultivation and human health. All participants said that they benefit a lot from the forum. Ms Feng Meiyin from Hong Kong sobbed to say that under all kinds of pressure many people in Hong Kong suffered from great mental pain and even people around me kept coming up suicide tragedy. Ms Feng Meiyin invited Shaolin Temple could travel to Hong Kong to carry forward Buddha medical culture and help people in Hong Kong get physical and mental health ultimately.


On May 27, 2018, at 11:00 am head of Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau Master Yanlin represented Shaolin Temples Abbot Yongxin to issue certificates for the units and individuals that support the development of Buddha Medical culture of China all the time. So far, The 8th China Summit Forum of Buddhist Medicine has come to a successful conclusion. (Editor: Yue Long)

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