Are the four Holy Mountains also well-known in the world?

Publish Date:2022-11-30

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The Wutai Mountains as the preaching place of Manjusri was recorded in Mahayana Buddhist scriptures, so in ancient times, it was worshipped by quite a few eminent monks from India and Central Asia. There was even an old legend in Nepal saying that the Kathmandu Valley (where the capital of Nepal is located) used to be a large lake. It was Manjusri, after he arrived there from the Wutai Mountains, China, who cleaved apart a mountain, drained off the lake water, and settled down with his followers, thus founding the State of Nepal. That is why the Nepalese people hold Manjusri and the Wutai Mountains in particular affection. As to how the Putuo Mountains became the preaching place of Avalokitesvara and hwo the Jiuhua Mountains became that of Ksitigarbha, they are said to be related with the Buddhist monks from Japan and Korea. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)


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