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Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province of China. Disciple's Home of Shaolin Temple is newly furnished to host the overseas Shaolin Disciples with comfortable accommodation, basic facility, and exotic Chinese food. It is only 10 minutes walking distance from Shaolin Temple.

Author: 2018-04-03

The Most Glaring Obstacle in Self-cultivation

The most glaring obstacle to a practitioner’s effort at carrying on self-cultivation may be such peculiar factors in his habitual way of thinking and in his habitual way of living as might incline him toward fostering an attachment to samaropa (the consideration that the nonexistent are really in existence), or an attachment to presumed permanency of things, or toward mistaking “the media that serve to guide a practitioner to gain access to the Buddhist truth” for the Buddhist truth itself.

Author: 2022-05-11

Wushu Imbued with Chan

Chinese people prefer to refer to Shaolin wushu as “a unique type of gong-fu, in which traditional Chinese martial arts and the Chan tenets are integrated”. However I choose to refer to Shaolin wushu as “wushu imbued with Chan”. It goes without saying that Shaolin wushu is the most valuable heirloom of Shaolin Monastery and of Buddhism as a whole. Actually it is regarded as part of not only China’s cultural heritage but the world’s cultural heritage.

Author: 2022-05-11

Kungfu and Chan

Kungfu and Chan are regarded both as a kind of belief and a way of practice for Shaolin Monastery. Every second of every day in the past three decades, whether sitting in meditation at the Chan Hall or copping with daily chores, I take it as a way to practice Buddhism and cultivate spirits, and following the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, I lead disciples and cultural heritage bearers of Shaolin Temple remaining commitment to Buddhist doctrines and the spirit of practice and staying focused on traditions and realities down to the road. Furthermore, we will renew our commitment to embracing open-mind, tolerance, benevolence and alms-giving, and we will strive to live up to the Buddha’s original goals by martial arts and Chan meditation(Kungfu and Chan) with gratitude and joy, and in this way the martial-art training would be conducive to the practitioner in gaining numerous awakenings before he arrives at his ultimate awakening and would help inculcate in him firm willpower, bravery, and sagacity.

Author: 2022-05-07


Great emphasis is laid on the mastery and control of mind in the course of Shaolin Kungfu practice, Shaolin Kungfu practitioners can absorb in body movements and maintain a good condition in Dhyana meditation. What’s more, the body movements are just serving as an object to keep focus, and the practitioner is bound to strengthen his mental stability and finally reach a state of stillness through practicing these movements.

Author: 2022-05-07

The Difference between Wushu and Kungfu

We should call “Shaolin Kungfu” but rather than “Shaolin Wushu” that I always disagree with this comment. I advocate “Wushu Chan” is to stress this point. The word “Kungfu” is a Buddhist term.

Author: 2021-07-24

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