Don’t Indulge in Wild Flights of Fancy

Publish Date:2022-11-25

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What does Buddha say? Isn’t it difficult to understand? I tell you that truth Buddha has found is very easy. I even don’t think people will believe it so easy like this. Even Buddha couldn’t believe it so easy when enlightening the truth. The book says that after enlightenment, Buddha was unwilling to teach others the truth because he was afraid of being laughed at. The truth Buddha enlightened as well as content he preached whose core is just the five characters: bu hu si luan xiang (don’t indulge in wild flights of fancy). When a person could achieve that don’t indulge in wild flights of fancy, his heart will become clear and peaceful and worries and miseries will also disappear. 48,000 kinds of Dharma-gate recorded by Sutra covering counting breaths, contemplating from mind or space, chanting, worshiping Buddha or canhuatou (thoughts triggered by Buddha’s words or questions) as well as others whose only purpose is to make people be unable to indulge in wild flights of fancy.

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