Publish Date:2018-09-18

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Xiaoshan (1500-1568) was one of great Chan masters during the Ming Dynasty. Before he took the position as Shaolin Abbot, he had studied with previous abbot Yuezhou for eight years and preached Chan Buddhism at numerous monasteries. Xiaoshan was inaugurated as abbot in 1557 by an edict of the imperial court. As the abbot of Shaolin Temple, he presided over large Dharma gatherings to rejuvenate the Caodong School at Shaolin Temple, and also raised funds to renovate the temple and rebuild the First Patriarch Temple. During the fight against pirates in the Ming Dynasty, Shaolin warrior monks dispatched by then Abbot Xiaoshan defeated the pirates at several battles and enjoyed popular acclaim for their victorious achievements. Xiaoshan retreated from his position in 1566 and passed away at age 68 in 1568. 


Pagoda for master Xiaoshan 




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