Zhicao, Huichang and Tanzong

Publish Date:2021-07-24

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Zhicao, Huichang and Tanzong are famous Kungfu monks at Shaolin Temple during the early Tang Dynasty. According to Shaolin Temple Inscription and another record, in 621AD, the Prince of Qin, Li Shimin, was in battle against Sui General Wang Shichong in the Songshan Moutain region. Headed by Kungfu monks Zhicao, Huichang and Tanzong, thirteen Shaolin monks ambushed the Sui army, captured Wang Shichong's nephew and freed Li Shimin. Li Shimin went on to ascend the throne of Tang Dynasty, and he rewarded the monks with 40 hectares of land and other privileges. He also granted the title of Great General to monk Tanzong and permitted the temple to retain a standing army of warrior monks. This victory quickly gained popularity for Shaolin Temple, and with the patronage of the imperial court Shaolin Temple grew and prospered.


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