Chan and Boxing


I feel that Shaolin Kungfu and Chan is in a dialectical relationship. This is Wushu Chan of Shaolin Temple that can not only Shaolin Kungfu stress  martial arts integrates into Chan and Chan is prominent for martial arts, which dialectically shows Kungfu cant exist without Chan cultivation meanwhile Chan practice also needs to be protected under martial arts. Internal Chan and external martial arts are integrated synthetically, which is the dialectical relationship of the combination of dynamics and statics. And that, historically, it exactly doesnt exist the issue boxing training in place of Chan practice, or only train boxing but not practicing Chan. Many outstanding boxing masters of Shaolin Temple are also Chan masters with a high realm of Kungfu on which there are lots of records in ancient books about Shaolin Temple.


Chan is able to cultivate heart and Kungfu can strengthen body. Kungfu is the base and Chan is the foundation. Chan and Boxing naturally develop a unity when body and mind become one. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)