What style of life should a Buddhist monk (or nun) maintain?

Publish Date:2022-11-28

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According to the Buddha’s rules, a Bhikkhu should lead a pure and frugal life, and strictly observe the precepts of abstaining from killing, stealing, sex (including sex with his former wife), irresponsible speech, speech inciting discord, harsh speech, lewd talk, alcoholic drinks, taking untimely food (i.e., taking food after noon), the use of perfumes and adornments, singing, dancing and watching others sing and dance, sitting or sleeping on high luxurious seats or beds, accepting treasures like gold, silver, elephants, horses, etc. Heshould not own private property except robes, alms bowl, razor, water-filter, needle, and thread displaying of magic wonders. He must not confine, plunder or threaten others and must observe some other prescriptions as well. During the six daily periods (three for day, i.e. morning, noon, dusk; and three for night, i.e. nightfall, midnight and dawn) he should devote all his time to the zealous pursuit of study and cultivation after allowing time for sleeping, alms begging, drinking, sweeping and cleaning, and water carrying. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)

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