Meditation Hall

Publish Date:2021-08-03

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The Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple, with a history of more than 1500 years, is located on either side of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion. It was destroyed in flames of war in 1928. The Records of Shaolin Temple said: “The east Meditation Hall on the North of the Dinning Hall” “The west Meditation Hall is on the north of storeroom”. The east and west Meditation Halls are behind the Mahaviro Hall. The east and west Meditation Halls were rebuilt on their sites in 1981. The former east Meditation Hall was renamed Shaolin Incense Hall and the west Meditation Hall renamed the Guest Hall.



The Present Meditation Hall is in the northeast corner of the Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound, which was opened up on the initiative of abbot Shi Yongxin in 2005, restoring traditional ways of sitting in meditation. The Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple faces south. Nobody can come in without permission when monks sit in meditation. The new Meditation Hall has modern central air-conditioning and can contain more than 300 monks sitting in meditation. During the period of Chan Qi, there are 24-hour hot water service and a complete set of equipment. It is a good place for monks to obtain enlightenment.


The Meditation Hall is the core of temples, so called the “Awakening Hall”. Shaolin Temple has always hosted the dharma assembly of Chan Qi annually since the Meditation Hall was restored. All dharma monastics from around the country will come at the appointed time, sitting in meditation and achieving realization within a set timeframe here.

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