Shaolin Temple Successfully Completes Jieqi about Chanqi in Jihai Year

Publish Date:2021-07-12

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Reciting and dining continue observing discipline, Jieqi the same as Qiqi--Jie(Ending)! On December 19, 2019, at 7:30am. With abbot of Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yongxins voice sayingJie, Chan meditation improving session of Chan qi in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year

The solemn Jieqi of Chan qi


At 3:15 am, all Chan monastics started siting meditation for the first incense as usual when for boards rang. Today is the last day of Chan meditation improving session of Chan qi in Shaolin Temple. More than one hundred Chan monastics from around the country will accept the Kungfu examination from venerable master Yongxin and heads of the Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple.

The rules of Chan meditation improving session of Chan qi in Shaolin Temple each year are very strict, with the meaning of boldness and energy. Chan monastics get up at 3:30 am each day and fall asleep at 11:45 pm. They sit meditation within the time of 12 sticks of incense and run within the time of 12 sticks of incense, which amounts to walk 30 kilometers every day for people. Chan monastics concentrate on meditation practice, correct false thoughts and focus on energy for consecutive tens of days. Monks cant randomly go out of the Meditation Hall during the period of Chan meditation improving session. Chan monastics with minor ailments could have a rest for several sticks of incense meanwhile Chan monks with serious illness can go out the Meditation Hall after deacons discuss and agree it. Therefore monastics see through life and death, seek liberation and apply for the permission to Take Time off from Life and Death with the abbot in advance during the Chan meditation improving session.

At 6:30 am, monks dined with Chan monastics together while the hall was occupied. Then Chan masters conducted incense-walking ceremony at the hall. Chan master hit the bell and board, giving a dharma teaching after the assistant passed Jieqi board.

Then monks, first seats and major heads gaving their Kungfu examination in turn. Chan masters lined up before the figure of Patriarch Bodhidharma, master Yuezhong hit the chime stone and invited venerable master for Jieqi. The venerable master preached and then voiced loudly: Jie! Chan qi in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year was claimed Jieqi formally.

At 8 am, all Chan monastics lined up to the Abbot Hall to apply for permission to Take Time off within Life and Death with the Abbot in advance. During Chan Qi, Chan monastics dropped life and death and wholeheartedly cared for huatou to end birth and death and gain liberation. Chan monastics spirit, air and mental state were promoted greatly through the 49-day boldness and energy. (Edited by Master Yanyang and Yue Long)


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