Guest Hall

Publish Date:2021-07-03

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The former west Meditation Hall, renamed the Guest Hall at present, is a place where guests from all directions are received. The building was originated from the Yuan Dynasty and later collapsed, rebuilt again in Chenghua six years of the Ming Dynasty. The hall was rebuilt in Chenghua six years of the Ming Dynasty and restored again as it was once in 1984. There is a horizontal inscribed board hanging hight at the entrance with the inscriptions “Guest Hall” written by Ren Yongchang in 1985. there are various Buddhist. The center of the hall is a bronze statue of Bodhidharma, 1 meter high, which was presented by Zong Daochen, the founder of the Shorinji Kempo in 1980. The bronze statue was formerly offered at the Abbot Hall and later was moved to this hall in 1998.

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