All Sub-forums of the 2021 Science of Shaolin Seminar Held Successfully

Publish Date:2021-10-28

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The three sub-forums of the 2021 science of Shaolin seminar were simultaneously held at the Lu Ming Mountain Villa from Oct. 23 to 24, 2021. Present experts, scholars, dharma masters totaling more than one hundred guests delivered their speeches, gave their ideas and shared their research results.

More than one hundred experts and scholars from colleges, universities and research institutes offered over 100 pieces research results on the inscriptions of Shaolin Temple forum. According to precise research thoughts, they conducted deep, comprehensive research on more than 100 tablet inscriptions on based of rich materials of Shaolin Temple.

The Chan and Chinese ecological culture sub-forum centered on general secretary Xi noted instructions to protect the environment that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, endeavored to arrange and explore traditional Chinese ecological thought, and take responding efforts to preserve current and unborn surroundings. 

The Shaolin Kungfu and Health China sub-forum stuck to healthy ideas of “centering on people and health as root” noted by general secretary Xi Jinping, deeply explored how Shaolin culture, especially Shaolin Kungfu blends with health and sports cause, and plays a full role in connotations of excellent traditional Chinese culture and international influence.


The 2021 science of Shaolin seminar was completed successfully at 3: 30 pm on 24. The present guests included master Shi Yongxin, vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of Shaolin Temple, professor Huang Xia’ nian from the institute of religious affairs of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, professor Ma Mingda of the department of history of Jinan University, professor Lu Yuanzhen from the South China Normal University and so on. Master Yange served as host of the closing ceremony.


Scholar Wang Haibo had concluding remarks of the inscriptions of Shaolin Temple sub-forum firstly. He said inscriptions of Shaolin Temple are the witness to its long history, have high academic research value and great significance for Shaolin Temple’ s historical and Buddhist cultural research. Many scholars’ theses are primitive research including inscriptions from the Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, complemented Shaolin Temple’ s historical cultural research and turned a new page of Buddhist historical research in China.


Scholar Chen Hongbing gave his speech on the Chan and Chinese ecological culture sub-forum. This forum was summed up in three aspects: first, the study on Chan and related Buddhist theories; second, the study on the connotation of Buddhist ecological thoughts of Chinese ideologist; third, the comparative study or integrated study on Buddhist ecological thought and other ecological thought, and please take examples to illustrate respectively.


Scholar Duan Rui gave his speech on the Shaolin Kungfu and Health China sub-forum. He mentioned the atmosphere of the forum was warm and understood relations among Shaolin culture, Shaolin Kungfu and health China from different angles of history, culture, sociology, physical health, communication and so on. Meanwhile he supposed it is because Shaolin Temple has consciousness of openness, integration, inheritance and innovation that its inheritance is endless.


Professor Huang Xia’ nian gave his concluding remarks of the seminar. He noted science of Shaolin has ample connotation and its development prospect is inestimable, with an explosive force. In the meantime he also stressed that Shaolin Temple published seven volumes of science of Shaolin, which remarks science of Shaolin has taken an important step. But he also mentioned the study on art of Shaolin Temple is weak and still has much efforts to go into it continually in future.


Finally, abbot Shi Yongxin expressed his gratitude for all guests and scholars or experts and gave a dharma teaching. He mentioned Shaolin Temple held a seminar at the 1500th anniversary of its founding in 1995. Then more than 20 similar seminars were hosted successively. The success of these seminars enrich the connotation of science of Shaolin and promote research and development of Shaolin culture. Shaolin Temple’ s inscriptions include over 600 rubbings, most of which have not been studied deeply. The research on inscriptions will benefit inheritance and development of Shaolin culture; the ecological environment is a global issue. It is because human excessively take from the earth that a series of environmental problems are resulted. Nevertheless Buddhism promotes vegetarian and embraces simple life, which benefits the construction of ecological civilization. Now along with the change in lifestyle and the stress of survival, the country also introduces some policies, for example, martial arts entering schools and communities and the like. Shaolin Temple opening many courses can develop courses about fitness campaign to suit teenagers, middle aged and elderly people together with colleges or universities in future, which will make the public engage directly and benefit from it.


Then China Songshan Shaolin Temple and the South China Normal University sighed the strategic cooperation agreement on the Center for Shaolin Culture and Health Sciences. The center mainly looks at correlational studies and practical exploration on Shaolin intangible cultural heritage and ethnic traditional sports applications in life sciences and the health field. The founding will promote the standardization of excellent traditional Chinese culture represented by China Songshan Shaolin Temple meanwhile demonstrating its practical application in life sciences and the health field.


So far the closing ceremony of the 2021 science of Shaolin seminar has been successfully held. (Edited by Zou Xiang, Ma Ang and photographed by Wang Haitao, Liu Shuaipeng and Fu Xueliang)

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