The 2nd Day of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year--Dharma Events of All Shrines Conducted Solemnly As Scheduled

Publish Date:2021-10-18

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On May 21, 2021 or the 10th day of the fourth lunar month, Shaolin Temple’ s Water and Land Dharma Function in Xinchou Year entered a second day. Buddhist activities included chanting, repentance, extension and dedication, offering food for Buddha, rebirth and dedication and others.

At 8 am, Shaolin monks and all benefactors went to the Great Shrine for chanting, repentance, extension and dedication. Believers and visitors to Shaolin Temple also stopped outside the shrine to enjoy Buddhist music and dharma joys. Chief monk of Shaolin Temple master Yongqian burned incense and presided over the assembly, led Shaolin monks and benefactors to the Dizang Hall for chanting and dedication. These merits and virtues were transferred to pray for the world peace, prosperity and security of the country and people; bless benefactors and their families’ safety, prosperity, cause flourishing, growth of wisdom and welfare and auspiciousness.

Chanting in the Water and Land Dharma Function means on be half Buddha to give a dharma teaching, making the six living creatures listen to Buddhist dharma, which brings about a double significance of internal cultivation and external propagation.

That day the inner shrine of the Water and Land Dharma Function had been finished. The inner shrine’ s boundaries of dharma session of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Xinchou Year would be built up at 2: 30 next morning. (Reported by Ma Ang, Photographed by Yue Long, Gong Wuwei and Liu Shengkai and edited by Zou Xiang)

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