Shaolin Temple Completes the Repentance Assembly on the Renunciation Day of Bodhisattva Successfully

Publish Date:2021-10-18

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Nov. 4, 2020, or the 19th day of the ninth lunar month, welcomed the renunciation day of Bodhisattva. Shaolin Temple’s repentance assembly on the renunciation day of Bodhisattva was successfully completed in Gengzi Year through three-day reciting. Abbot Shi Yongxin burned incense, offered sacrifice, devoutly prayed and extensively delivered sentient beings on the morning.

At 9: 30 am, Shaolin monks gathered at the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion, inviting abbot Yongxin to burn incense, preside over the assembly, guide monastics and lay Buddhists reciting sutra and offering sacrifice for Buddha. These merits and virtues were transferred to all sentient beings to pray for world peace, no disaster in the world, Buddhist dharma extensive, promote wisdom as well as happiness and harmony.

In the morning a Buddhist disciple named Shengyanmiaohai burned incense was conferred as the 44th generation disciple by abbot Shi Yongxin while he also received dharma scrolls and the cassock and .alms bowl.

During the three-day sutra reciting on the renunciation of Bodhisattva hosted by Shaolin Temple, the whole Shaolin monks devoutly chanted sutra and held mantras. These merits and virtues were transferred to the past who could relieve from sufferings and go to the Pure Land. Meanwhile also pray for world peace, prosperity and security of the country, good weather for the crops and permanence of Buddhist dharma. (Edited by Yue Long, Liu Shengkai and Kongming)

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