Italy Shaolin Fist Union Hosts Online Lectures to Carry Forward Shaolin Culture

Publish Date:2021-07-03

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On the afternoon of the Dec. 18, 2020 local time, due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Shi Yanhui, head of the Italy Shaolin Fist Union, hosted Italian lectures on Physical and Mental Health Effects of Shaolin Culture through the network platform, and also accepted TG2 host Elisabetta Migliorelli on-the-spot-interview in the Italy state television through the network.


More than one thousand people’s appointment and registration forms had been received before the event. Everyone could listen online through various network platforms such as ZOOM, Facebook, etc. during the lectures, and could also watch the replay after the lectures. There were around 300 people entering the live streaming room through ZOOM, and the playback rate exceeded 1700 person times.


Marco De Leo, vice president of the Italy Shaolin Fist Union, introduced its efforts and contribution to people since its establishment. Shi Yanhui has always encouraged people to join online courses and stay at home, guided people to practice Shaolin Kungfu in spare time and improve physical quality and immunity especially, to better resist the attack of illness since Italy broke out the pandemic in March. In the meantime, he relieved some people testing positive for COVID-19, encouraged them to conquer the decease while in addition to accepting the standard treatment, he advised people to improve the rehabilitation effect through practicing Yi Jin Jing.


In his lectures, Shi Yanhui first conveyed abbot of the China Songshan Shaolin Temple master Shi Yongxin’ s greet and wishes to everyone, hoping that people could unite as one and cope with the global COVID-19 pandemic jointly. Then he explained Shaolin Chan, Wu and Yi’ s active role in mental and physical health, and also responded questions posed by reporters. Despite the need of lectures, all microphones were off and only the host and Shi Yanhui could be heard on the scene but he could still feel people’s concentration and good graces on the screen. His lectures and interview had run for two hours but people maintained high enthusiasm and audience rating was stable.

After the interview, Shi Yanhui received a lot of comments from audience. Some of them asked their questions of interest, some expressed their gratitude, some showed their celebrations and so on. All of them hoped that the event and the like can often be held to make Shaolin culture benefit more sentient beings. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Italy Shaolin Fist Union)

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