Buddha’s findings

Publish Date:2021-06-19

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Everybody knows that when Sakyamuni Buddha was sitting by the Bodhi-tree and attains enlightenment for his discovery of Dependent of Origination. Sakyamuni points out that the agent that is able to reduce a human being to a state of obstinate befuddlement and bog him down in the six kinds of rebirth is none other than the Dependent of Origination. The Buddhist theory is created around the problem of human life. There are, it is generally believed, twelve Links of Dependent Origination. The twelve Links are: Ignorance, Mental Formation, Consciousness, Name and Form, Six Sense Organs, Contact between sense organs and sense objects, Sensations, Clinging, Coming into Existence, Birth, and  Old Age and Death.

The Buddha had contributed greatly to humanity in conducting in-depth researches and exploring the roots of personal thoughts and inner world with the principles of Dependent of Origination.

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